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Dynabrade, Inc.

8989 Sheridan Dr.
Clarence, NY 14031
Phone:(800) 828-7333 ext 131
Fax:(716) 631-2073

Product Description
Lightweight Dyninger Sander

Dynabrade’s air-powered industrial-rated Lightweight Dyninger portable sanding tool is excellent for blending and scuffing sealer coatings and flat surfaces. The air tool eliminates raised grain and reduces loose fibers when whitewood sanding and provides a uniform and smooth surface. The Lightweight Dyninger is available in two different tool configurations. A Spindle-Mount version, which utilizes a ¼ inch collet for mounting 4 inch diameter spindle-mount abrasive sanding stars and an Arbor-Mount version for mounting one up-to-five 4 inch abrasive sanding stars. The coated abrasive stars are excellent for whitewood and sealer sanding and are ideal for use on wooden parts such as raised panels and intricate profiles, as well as general light deburring and finishing of metal parts.The .4 HP tool has a lightweight, thermal-insulated housing, which reduces vibration and cold air transmission to the operator. The Lightweight Dyninger Sander also includes a fingertip air flow control dial, which allows you to adjust the RPM speed from 0 – 950. This air flow control Dynaswivel also allows the airline to drop straight to the floor, no matter how the tool is held. The tool operates at 90 psi and has a sound level of 81 dB(A). The 4 inch diameter abrasive sanding starts are available in grits from 80 – 400. Made in the U.S.A.

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