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Optimizing Cutoff Saw Feeder
Product Description
Eagle Optimizing Cutoff Saw Feeder

Increase your productivity with the Eagle Cutoff Saw Feeder. Gapless queuing enables you to build a bank of boards on the feeder deck to smooth out surges and increase cutoff saw throughput. By queuing boards laterally, the feeder reduces chop line length by the length of the incoming lumber. With tight end gap control the cutoff saw never waits to make the next cut because boards are fed into the cutoff saw more closely together. The Cutoff Saw Feeder is proven in numerous mill applications to improve efficiency and production.

Eagle Machinery & Supply Inc.

422 Dutch Valley Dr. NE
Sugarcreek, OH 44681
Phone: (330) 852-1300
Fax: (330) 852-9400


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