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L.S. Starrett

121 Crescent St.
Athol, MA 1331
Phone:(978) 249-3551
Fax:(978) 249-8495

Product Description
L.S. Starrett Oops Arbor

Mistakes do happen. That's why pencils have erasers, keyboards have "backspace" and golfers take a Mulligan. And, for the professional tradesman or weekend handyman, there is the Starrett Oops Arbor. This tool is actually a pilot drill adaptor/arbor that fits in place of the drill in regular hole saw arbors. For use when someone might have drilled a hole smaller than the size intended. For example, if you drilled a 1 in. hole in an application that calls for a 2 in. hole you would put a 2 in. saw on an arbor, and then remove the pilot drill from the arbor. Using the Oops Arbor, place the 1 in. saw on it and insert the ¼ in. shank of that arbor in the drill hole of the arbor. The 1 in. saw will then pilot the entire assembly while the 2 in. saw cuts the hole you intended to drill in the first place.

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