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Koch & Co. Inc.

1809 North Street
Seneca, KS 66538
Phone:(785) 336-6022

Product Description
Koch green doors

Koch & Company, Inc. had been experimenting using different core materials in its interior doors and decided to manufacture a sustainable, green interior door using wheat board as the core. Almost all of material in this door (85 percent by volume/88.5 percent by weight) can be grown in a single season as the core is made from the straw and chaff after the harvest of the wheat. The manufacture of these doors supports the regional economy through sales of raw materials and finished goods while providing local jobs. This is a quality, sustainable product made in the United States primarily from regionally sourced materials. Shipping costs are minimized as the doors are centrally manufactured in Kansas. Wheat board binders and adhesives used in assembling the door are low VOC and formaldehyde-free. Premium grade veneers on the exterior coupled with the density of the wheat board and give the door a very solid feel with a style and quality that would be hard to achieve with solid wood doors. A wide variety of veneers, styles and glass options are available.

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