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Tru-Bond 18400 Series

Product Description
ITW Devcon Tru-Bond 18400 Series

Tru-Bond 18400 Series light-cured pressure-sensitive adhesives from Devcon provide superior hold on metals, glass, ceramics and plastics, including difficult-to-bond materials such as polyethylene and polypropylene panels. Available in liquid and gel formulations, they provide unlimited open time after application, since parts coated with cured adhesive can be bonded immediately or stored for assembly later. Solvent-free, Tru-Bond 18400 Series adhesives can be applied in a wide range of film thicknesses or bead widths either by hand or with automated dispensing equipment, including roll-coaters, valve-dispensers, sprayers or screen-printers. Once exposed to a dose of ultraviolet (UV) light (even through previously assembled clear or translucent substrates), the adhesives cure instantly to an optically clear, nonyellowing finish. Cured 18400 Series adhesives are dry to the touch, yet extremely tacky. For parts that will be stored and bonded at a later time, adhesive surfaces are typically protected with release paper such as Mylar. Immediately after assembly, 18400 Series adhesives have low initial peel strength of 1 to 4 pli, which allows separation and repositioning of bonded substrates. Once parts are assembled, "cold flow" characteristics of the adhesives improve bond strength to 8 to 12 pli in approximately 12 hours. The resulting bonds provide an excellent balance of peel strength and creep resistance and withstand service temperatures from -10 to 125 degrees F. The many applications for Tru-Bond 18400 Series adhesives include assembling signs, medical devices, touch pads and keypads; installing automotive interior trim, graphics and light panels; laminating foams, foils and films; and creating form-in-place gaskets. For medical applications, a formulation with a fluorescent tracer has USP Class VI approval.

ITW Devcon

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