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methacrylate adhesives
Product Description
ITW Devcon methacrylate adhesives

Devcon high-performance methacrylate adhesives are formulated for today's difficult-to-bond plastics, composites and dissimilar substrates. These tough, structural adhesives require minimal surface preparation and cure rapidly at room temperature to load-bearing bonds that withstand weathering, humidity and wide variations in temperature up to 250 degrees F. All offer flexibility, high tensile and shear strength, and resistance to peel and impact. Plastic Welder is designed to bond engineered plastics and dissimilar substrates including unprepared metals, vinyls, ceramics, fiberglass and wood. It achieves functional cure in an hour or less and provides high impact and peel resistance with superior adhesive tensile shear strength (3,500 psi). A second formulation, Plastic Welder II, forms chemical-resistant bonds to nylon-containing alloys, modified polyesters, epoxy composites or standard plastics. Composite Welder FS is a flexible methacrylate for bonding thermoplastics, thermosets, metal and composite assemblies. Its superior tensile elongation (100 to 125 percent) and peel strength (60 to 65 pli) provide exceptional resistance to impact and fatigue. Its mixed viscosity, 120,000 cps, is the highest of the Devcon methacrylates. Flex Welder fills gaps up to 3/8 in. and provides excellent bond line flexibility. Recommended for bonding nylon and its alloys, modified polyesters, epoxy composites, standard plastics and other flexible or semi-flexible substrates, it can also be used for repairing surface voids on thermoset plastics and flexible thermoplastics. It can be sanded and painted within 60 minutes of application. Applied with pneumatic or manual applicator guns, Devcon methacrylates are mixed as they are dispensed. They are thixotropic, nonsagging gels or pastes that will not run or drip when used on vertical or overhead applications.

ITW Devcon

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