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Globe Machine Mfg.

701 East "D" Street
Tacoma, WA 98421

Product Description
Globe Machine Veneer Feeder System

Globe Machine Mfg. introduces a Veneer Feeder System that has been designed for 15 pieces per minute continuous feed. This feeder will allow customers to feed veneers up to 1/6 in. without double feeding. Globe's Veneer Feeder can be designed for veneer lengths to 10 ft. Combination veneer lengths can be accommodated, as needed, so the system could feed 6, 8, 9 and 10 ft. using the same feeder. The heavy tube frame construction, 6,000 lb. lift capacity and Globe's vacuum plenum design assures that the system will operate for years. The feeder is designed for easy maintenance access to replace belt and plenum clean out. Globe's Veneer Feeder can be used as a re-dry feeder to run wet veneers into the dryer outfeed to increase the Dryer production, or the feeder can be used as a replacement layup line feeder.

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